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Tournament qualification.

16 January 2018 - 11:42 PM

Seems a bit unfair that if a bunch of people have the same score some qualify and some don't. I guess it's for them to keep the numbers even but still.

Spending Gems

05 January 2018 - 04:03 AM

So I've seen this talked about a few times but figured a full discussion might be worth it.




What do you spend your gems on? Opening chests? Buying chests? Upgrading clubs? Balls?


If so which are worth the gems?



Speaking for myself as about a month old player on +/- 1450 trophies my earliest problem was playing people with way better clubs and balls than me. It took ages to upgrade my EM4 to 5 and face Sniper players with a BD4 etc. This has somewhat abated recently but it's still weird to get a 1200 trophy player match and watch them tee off with an Apo2 (which actually is quite common) So I thought they must be buying the chests as the ones for sale are from a higher tour than you are generally playing but still unlocked. I've bought a couple of Gold 8 chests and frankly got nothing so have given that up. Just to check I also bought 1 Platinum, but again nothing useful so unless I want to sink ludicrous amounts of money into a game I consider that pretty much a waste of time.

Opening chests I'll do to keep a slot open if I'm playing Tour 7 games to catch the extra chests, hopefully gold, but only open the silver with gems.

I buy Marlin balls but not any more expensive.

I've hardly seen worthwhile club upgrades but did buy 3 cards to get my EM4 to 5.


As for spending real money I only buy the Tour offers when you unlock the next one, and I have to admit the Year end cheaper ones :) 

Is this type of thing usual for the game?

03 January 2018 - 11:35 AM

First off hi! I'm a new player that has been pretty well hooked on the game in the last month since I started.


First of all everything went fine and i made steady progress to Tour 7 on 2 different accounts, one on my iPhone, and 1 on my iPad (yup...addicted)


Then it seems like in the last week or 10 days all kind of weird has started happening and I have no idea how or why. First it looked like more or less identical shots gave really, really different results. Sometimes what should have been a high wind - 9-10 mph just didn't make any effect. So yeah - I'm new so I told myself that it was just my bad play and just man up and do it again. Lost 2 million from 3 back down to 1 in a week.


And then this...which really shook my faith in the game mechanics being actually stable:






(I'm not quite sure how to post replays here yet so I hope the dropbox links work - basically 1 shows a shot clearly ending under the lip of a very high bunker (B), and the next shot placed on the fairway out of the bunker about 2 yards in front(a))