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I’m so sh..t it’s unbelievable!

17 February 2018 - 11:22 AM

1st hole of my weekend round, somewhat distracted by goings on around the house, I hit my drive without making any adjustment for wind.

I’m now so angry with myself, I can barely face lifting up my phone let alone playing another hole.

The World Cup of Golf Clash

15 February 2018 - 07:38 PM

Welcome All to the official thread of......

So Here's how this thing is going to work......


1. Registration


Registration is now open, here's the form......




The only criteria needed to apply are  that you...

  1. Have a verifiable Account on this forum.
  2. Have a Facebook-linked Golf Clash Account
  3. Friend request me please, (Kyle). There's a link & it's explained on the form but this is for seeding purposes.
  4. Are both sportingly spirited & enjoy a bit of banter.

Registration will be open for about a week, after which will follow.....


2. The Draw


This will take place LIVE on this thread at a yet undecided date & time, (but it'll be next week sometime) and will consist of the following....

  • All Entrants will be seeded and placed into 4 separate pots, A,B,C & D.

    Seeding will be based upon individuals Trophy Count as recorded @ 23:00 GMT on Wednesday February 21st. So if you want as higher seed as possible, avoid dumping any trophies in the next 6 days.
    (Where Trophy Counts are matched, world, (forum) ranking points will then be used.(currently these are based on Ryder Cup performance.)
  • Each Pot will then be drawn in turn starting with pot A, containing the top seeds followed by DC and then B in that order.
  • This will result in a set number of groups each containing 4 players.

3. The Opening Round Matches


The four players in each group will then need to each play one "Match" against each other in a round-robin scenario.


You will need to Friend the other 3 members of your group on Facebook to enable Golf Clash Friend Play. You can do this easily using the Personal Messenger on this forum or by stalking them on Facebook directly. Whatever suits and gets the job done.


You will then need to arrange the matches between yourselves. This is a lot easier than it sounds despite time differences etc. Each match should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and initially there will be no deadline to complete your matches. However if we end up with some slackers, forum pressure will come to bear.


The Rules of play for these matches are as follows....... 

  1. Play one 1v1 Golf Clash match-up in Tour 1, one in Tour 2, one in Tour 3 & one in Tour 4, scoring a Hole to the winner of each.
  2. Only "Blue" clubs are allowed to be carried in your bag. so Snipers, Skewers, Machetes & SLizards all round but choice of Long & Short Iron is likely to vary.
  3. Only Standard, Marlin, Navigator or Quasar balls are to be used.
  4. Should anyone tee off a KingMaker or pull an Apocalypse from their bag, that hole is forfeited. You can police this between yourselves and their shouldn't be any need for things to get ugly but in the absence of a referee, the forum & this thread in particular will judge on any misdemeanours. (Save replays if necessary.)
  5. The three possible results for each match will be either a 4 - 0 or 3 -1 victory or a 2 - 2 draw. You will need to report these match results back to this thread where they will be converted into points in your Groups league table.
  6. 3 points will be awarded for a Victory, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  7. On completion of all 6 matches in your league, the Top 2 will progress to The Knockout Rounds.
  8. Positions will be ranked based on the following criteria...(in the following order

    1. Points scored
    2. Hole Difference, (overall holes won minus overall holes lost.)
    3. The result in the individual match between 2 equally ranked players.
    4. If there is still no way of splitting 2 players, a 3 Hole Playoff in tours 2,3 & 4 will need to be arranged to see who progresses.

Obviously at this stage we don't know how many entrants we will have.

Ideally there'll be either 16 or 32 exactly, however I appreciate that that's unlikely and so I may have to get creative with the draw.

In the event that we get between 16 & 32 entries there will be a "Best 3rd" place system in place to cover the additional places needed for a 16 strong 2nd round.

details of these 3rd Place rules will be communicated, (and updated here) before the draw.


4. The Knockout Rounds


The Second Round, (Round of 16 if we have that many), and/or subsequent Quarter Final matches will continue in the same vein as the group matches, (same club & ball restrictions, played as a best of 4 match) with the exception that a draw is no longer a viable result.

In the event of a 2 - 2 Hole scoreline after the 4 Tours have been played, The players should return to Tour 4 to play a One Hole Penalty Shootout Decider. The winner of this single 1v1 match will progress to the next round. 


The Semi Finals will be played as the best of  8 holes. Tours 1 to 4 played through twice in succession. Again, in the event of a 4 - 4 draw, a Tour 4 decider will determine who makes the Final


The World Cup Final will be played as the best of 16 holes, Tours 1 to 4 played through 4 X in succession.

Once again, in the event of a 8 - 8 draw, a Tour 4 decider will determine who is then crowned....


                               The (forum) World Champion of Golf Clash.



So get yourselves signed up, (Fill in the Form above) and good luck to all.

Winter Games Tournament

08 February 2018 - 08:49 AM

Anyone recognise the hole on the new home page background?

No announcement of course or tour yet so just trying to figure it out ?

The World Cup of Golf Clash

07 February 2018 - 02:26 PM

*** Coming Soon *****


On completion of the on-going inaugural Golf Clash forum Ryder Cup, registration will open for the eagerly awaited ......



An individual Matchplay tournament in World Cup Format.

  • Qualifying round-robin groups of 4 Players, (drawn in a FIFA style, complicated manner with trophy based seeding.)
  • Top 2 to Qualify for knockout rounds.
  • Blue Club challenge style format for each match.
  • Single Hole "Penalty Shootout Glory Hole" in knockout rounds to determine winner in event of a 2:2 draw.
  • 8 Hole Semi-Finals.
  • 16 Hole World Cup Final.
  • Country's, not Continents represented.
  • Much banter
  • Overall winner officially crowned Golf Clash Forum World Champion.

** Touchdown Tournament - The Qualifying Rounds

29 January 2018 - 08:37 AM

Morning All,


Good Luck to everyone.


Post your scores & experiences here and if anyone has any joy trying out an unconventional, (& successful) method on any particular hole, let's see it........